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Human–Centered Design Foster Parenting

How Might We: find potential foster parents who would be good parents, but who do not know it, or who are not properly educated on it.

Solution #1: Learn2Foster

Parenting | Educating | Support

Based on these Insights

  • Many people would be great foster parents, who just don’t know it yet, or are not properly educated on it
  • It is helpful for potential foster parents to be immersed in the world of foster youth and foster parenting
  • Foster parenting includes real–world, everyday chores/tasks that take time, patience and having the right expectations
  • People feel less pressure when they can try out something new temporarily, before fully committing

User Feedback

  • “I like that people can temporarily try out foster parenting for a period of time, and then they can make their decision in the end if it’s for them.”
  • “It is a great way to dip your toes in, and be involved in the foster system.”

Solution #2: Personal Accounts video series

Parenting | Educating | Limitations

With my solution, Stanford Sierra’s website includes 3–5 minute educational videos from real foster parents; the videos make the foster parenting process less intimidating to new foster parents, providing them with insider knowledge and a deeper understanding of what to expect. Each video has a different topic, allowing the viewer to scroll through and find which specific questions they need answered. Examples of video titles include: “Raising a biological child vs. a foster child”, “How I creatively secured my home tools in a DIY, budget–friendly way” and “How foster children are labeled and perceived.”

Based on these Insights

  • There are many people would potentially be great foster parents, who do not know enough about it
  • More people need to be educated on foster parenting, and myths/stereotypes surrounding it, which are heavily influenced by media & tv
  • Being educated on limitations and lifestyle changes that come with foster parenting can help make the process easier
  • People who have experience foster parenting have great insider knowledge, tips and tricks, that are especially helpful for new foster parents

User Feedback

  • “I really like that the videos are brief, and quick to consume. This is super helpful if you don’t have time to sit through a 40 minute video, when you only have a couple questions… Having real people in the videos makes it more engaging.”