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Underground Music Zine

The zine was a group–based research project where we highlighted underground music venues that sustain the community local to Sacramento. Inspired by our group research and site visits, we ultimately wanted the contents of this zine to reflect the gritty mood and perseverance of this DIY, self–sustaining community.

front and back cover

It was my individual goal to design a zine that evokes a DIY theme and a 80s/90s aesthetic through analog art and photographic collage; this nostalgia inspired concept gives the zine a human–touch quality and provides the viewer with a visual interpretation of the written content.

Each page tells a visual story of what the text and articles are saying. For example, in my Cltre Club ad, I focused on how this business and community values the coming together of different artists and makers. This photographic collage works as an abstract version of an ‘exquisite corpse’ activity. With the help of 3 different designers/artists and makers, they helped me to complete the picture by drawing in a column. This symbolism and collaboration directly speaks to what Cltre Club is about in a bright and creative way.

The blue ‘Venue Closures’ article is illustrates a concrete and graffiti scene, stitched together by pins and staples. This speaks to how some things break or become collateral damage within the struggle to keep the community alive, but the sustainment of the underground music community is due to hard work and perseverance.

As seen in the tan stitched–together spread with colorful neon peaking through, this is a depiction of the highlighted band, Los Sindes, and their contribution to the underground music scene. Los Sindes serves as the perfect example of what types of unique and talented artists Cafe Colonial headlines. Los Sindes’ commitment to their unique sound of 80s Latin American rock is directly correlated to my 80s/90s aesthetic choice of analog art and collage. I chose this graphic vernacular in order to bring a nostalgic and playful likeness to the zine.

I tell the story of the band, Los Sindes and Cafe Colonial throughout multiple spreads, like the orange and blue CD page with a large ‘C.’ I created this CD–stacked illusion design by placing a real CD in my scanner, and moving it along, as the scanner bar moved. I dedicated this entire spread for one defining paragraph, which tells the story behind Los Sindes’ hit song, ‘Playa C.’ Each spread and design choice has purpose and meaning behind it, so that the visual mood directly correlates to the text that people are reading.