About the Designer​

My Story

I am a hardworking, innovative graphic designer & digital illustrator.

I come from a background in fine arts and drawing which I utilize in my process of digitally bringing my creations to life on the computer. I practice critical and creative thinking which shapes my problem solving and visual communication skills.

I create purposeful designs with creative thinking and innovative solutions.

  • Graphic Design
  • Human Centered Design
  • Project Manager
  • Brand Identity

Design Process

My design process ensures that my designs are purposeful and plentiful. I rely on my process to find insightful research findings that will be translated into unique solutions. Each of my creations and final details are derived from this comprehensive process.


Before I start designing, I follow an extensive research process that ensures my solutions have reasons behind them.

Unique Solutions

I thrive in the concepting phase because I can create diverse solutions that eventually lead me to my big idea(s).

Quality Craft

I immerse my energy and focus into creating deliverables that are beautifully and meticulously crafted.

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EMAIL: ericascholzdesign@gmail.com