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Vivian Maier Brochure

The prompt of this project was to pick a well–known artist or photographer and create an informational brochure about the person and show their work, while illustrating a mood that accurately depicts their style. I created a typographic brochure using a written and visual narrative of the photographer, Vivian Maier.

Gate Fold

This brochure illustrates significant aspects of Maier’s life, identity, and photographs taken during her lifetime. This brochure illustrates Maier’s double life, where she worked as a full time nanny while capturing candid moments in photo negatives, that were mysteriously never intended to be developed or revealed to the world. This style, size and format speaks to Maier’s superpower of invisibility through candid street photography in the tall, busy cities of Chicago and New York City.

outside of brochure
inside of brochure
physically printed and crafted
Outside and inside of brochure: Flowlines