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Primary Audience:

age: 25–40 years old

race: majority Latino/Latinx, Mexican

gender: majority men

geography: Courtland, Clarksburg, Delta River, Isleton

transportation: workers trucks

employment: farmworkers. 6am–5pm, 6 days a week

Secondary Audience:

age: 45–60 years old

race: majority white (10% other)

gender: all

geography: Courtland, Clarksburg, Delta River, Isleton

transportation: SUV, modern truck

employment: ranch/landowners, retired, 8am–3pm, 5 days a week


Tacos Doña Misa is a surrounding taco truck in the area (within abt. a 9 mile radius) which is a popular lunch stop. It’s location is convenient and the food is fairly standard. People may visit this trunk because they are known to have different options such as nachos; However, since their menu is not as simplistic, their business routine and food consistency falls short.

Taco Bell lies within about a 10 mile radius and is known for its convenience and cheap price point. This is ideal for workers on the road, since there is a drive–thru option. Taco Bell is not known for being authentic and the quality suffers due to being a fast paced chain.

Courtland Market (which lies within a 1 mile radius) is convenient for workers and locals to stop by and grab a snack and a cold drink. They are known for having a wide range of snack and drink options, with limitations on produce and refrigerated/frozen goods.


Thumbnail concepts
3 Chosen concepts
Digital process

Chuy’s Tacos is a food truck local to Courtland, CA that is known for its incredible taste and quality. This logo solution is infused with symbolism about this business and its values serving of fresh and authentic food in the unique location of Courtland. Their audience is connected to their logo and brand identity because their primary audience consists of farmworkers.

Final Logo & Business System

The land depicted in this logo represents the location of the taco truck business in Courtland, with a beautiful few of the vineyard beside it; The land equally represents its main audience of farmworkers. The onion reflects the delicious taste of the food, served with fresh ingredients, like onions, salsa, limes and jalepeños.

The “Chuy’s” type is representative of the authentic and warm taste of home that this business values. The handwritten “Tacos” type is representative of how upon showing up, you are greeted with a warm smile and your order is taken by hand, guaranteeing its incredible taste and quality.

I created this typeface combination by hand, which implements both an authentic/traditional Mexican type with a handwritten–feel type.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project, coming soon!