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Gargantuan Gardens


Moodboard: park interior and exterior

What is Gargantuan Gardens?

Gargantuan Gardens is a concept for a kids park where upon walking in, you are immediately zapped down to the size and perspective of an ant. There is overhanging flora, accessible tunnels and interactive structures, giving parents and kids a new perspective. This park is encourages curiosity, discovery and free play. The concept of this park is motivated around getting kids to go outside and play. Our kids’ park includes analog and sensory play, as well as interactive workshops.

This concept was created from scratch by myself and 3 other graphic designers for a group project. The idea was inspired by a cross between ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ and ‘A Bug’s Life.’ After collectively creating the concept for our themed park, we individually designed our own logo solutions, branding and collateral.


Primary Audience: Adults

  • age: 25–45 years old
  • race, religion, gender, political: all
  • marital status: single, married, divorced, etc.
  • moms, dads, grandparents, legal guardians, babysitters
  • geography: Sacramento CA: Land Park, Pocket, Natomas, Elk Grove
  • transportation: van or SUV
  • employment: 9 to 5, corporate position
  • family size: 1–3 kids

Secondary Audience: Kids

  • age: 8–10 years old
  • elementary school
  • race: all
  • gender: all


The Mosac is a local museum (within a 5 mi. radius) of science and curiosity with interactive exhibits and a planetarium

Land Park, the local park (about 2 mi. around) that surrounds Gargantuan Gardens has many activity options such as a playground, sports, and open space for picnics

Seaquest is a local, interactive aquarium (about a 25 mi. radius) where visitors can feed, touch, and interact with the sea animals and sea creatures


Thumbnail Concepts
3 Chosen Concepts
Digital Process

Final Logo & Business System

This logo solution speaks directly to the mission of this kids park, as it emphasizes curiosity, discovery and exploration. This logo is inspired by the idea of someone holding a magnifying glass up to something, and discovering something new. The enlarged word ‘Gardens’ doubles as a magnifying glass, as well as pointing to the scale aspect of the kid’s park, along with the smaller word ‘Gargantuan.’ The robin’s egg teal color is representative of the fresh new perspective that children will have in the park. The forrest green color illustrates the richness of the kid’s park, as well as the many shaded areas. The lime green color is representative of the bright new discoveries that children will experience.


Gargantuan Gardens Ad

This works as a poster ad to be posted in up relevant places, such as kids’ schools and libraries. It also works as a magazine ad, where parents are flipping through pages and they are intrigued to stop and look at what this park values and encourages in its experience.

Park Entry Ticket

Make your own Terrarium Workshop

Template made from scratch
W: 4.5 in, H: 4.5 in, Depth: 3 in.

I created the idea for the kid’s Make your own Terrarium Workshop that is held in the Gargantuan Gardens park. Each child has total creative freedom to make any kind of terrarium they desire. They will be provided with mini grass, trees, rocks, and critters to put in their terrarium. They will each be assisted by an adult at the workshop when it is time to glue their creation. This workshop emphasizes the customization aspect of the kid’s park, where children can make their mark, expressing their creativity and imagination. This terrarium workshop doubles as a customized souvenir that holds memory and meaning to the child.

I created this terrarium workshop with IDEO values in mind, and considering ‘How might we create a Gargantuan Gardens souvenir that has invaluable meaning to both the children and their parent(s), so that the parents do not throw it away?’ With hundreds of theme parks around the world and plenty of souvenir cups and toys that will likely end up in the landfill, it is important as a designer to create something that has longevity and purpose.

Real Kids’ Example

After I created this mini terrarium workshop for the kid’s park project, I started my summer break by crafting 3 more boxes. I wanted to show that this Make your own Terrarium Workshop really is made for kids, so I tested out this workshop with all 3 of my nieces. This project was an awesome success, as they each had so much fun creating and crafting their own mini worlds to take home with them. This workshop lends itself to analog play and letting the kids’ imagination run free, giving them complete creative control.