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Horror Film Festival

Human Centered Design Research

Card Sort: Emapthy Probe

I used a human–centered design empathy probe to get people’s thoughts, opinions, and reactions surrounding scary movies. This helped me to understand who watches scary movies, why they watch them, and how they watch them. I discovered that watching scary movies is all about the shared experience of being scared together, as most people watch with family, friends, or significant others.

Through my empathy probe, I also discovered that people enjoy scary movies with a strong focal–point figure to carry the narrative.

Data Visualization

These are my insights, data and interviews organized visually. My findings directly influenced my final concept poster, and the corresponding deliverables that relate back to my focal point figure and it’s unique characteristics.


Final Deliverables

Final Concept Poster

This Horror Film Festival campaign was a UX and human–centered design research project that encouraged me to define who the audience is, while understanding the psychology behind why people enjoy watching scary movies. I created a main conceptual poster that works as a solution to the audience’s needs. I created an ominous focal–point figure that can be translated into interactive deliverables through awareness, merch and souvenirs.


This is my Horror Film Festival animation that works as both an ad, and a clip that plays repeatedly in between each film.

Souvenirs and Swag

Popcorn Bucket
Tote Bag
Bucket Hat