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This mural illustrates the story of my life, from my childhood to adulthood, which encapsulates themes of imagination, personal and universal revelations, and self discovery. This mural project amplified my illustration and storytelling skills because I was challenged with translating a written story into a visual narrative. This project encouraged me to experiment with gradients, transparencies and new tools as solutions to the intricate design that I brainstormed.

The left side of the mural is a representation of my childhood and my imagination that would run wild. I created mythical worlds, planets and characters in my head as a child, based on books and movies that I cherished. My childhood imagination and inspirations have shaped the artist and designer that I am today.

The middle piece of my mural by the hair and brain is a representation of me growing up, and coming to realize the world I have been born into. It represents my college education, as I began taking women’s studies, history, and Latinx classes, where I learned who’s voices are silenced in this world, and who’s are amplified. This transformative period of my life was necessary in forming my opinions surrounding feminism, LGBTQA rights, and US/Latinx history, which is regularly told from the perspective of the privileged. I also learned about my own privileges and how I can listen to others’ perspectives and uplift them, rather than assuming or speaking on other people’s behalves.

The right side of my mural is an illustration of me mentally and physically coming out the other side from learning about the dark history and frameworks of the world and country. Through education and learning about these global injustices, I learned that being able to talk about these injustices is a way to understand, heal and move forward. From valuing my education and learning how to speak about issues that I am passionate about, I began a journey towards self love, self care and expression.